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Track Title: Zombie
Description: 2018 Spookfest Challenge Entry :-)
Mood: Eerie, Menacing, Spooky, Strange
Genre: Classic Rock, Goth, Hard Rock, Rock
  • 125 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Oct 28, 2018
Song Administration: DrewRoss
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


How come you keep on waking me baby? Turn the lights on, it's hard to see You know I like a little hanky panky But now those moans, they're scaring me You’re never satisfied It’s like you’re dead inside Ahahahah Zombie!!! Ahahahah Zombie!!! When you said you had a little fever Was that code for “take your blue pill?” Although your eyes have started clouding over I'll play doctor if you hold still Don't act like I don't care What's with the hungry stare? Ahahahah Zombie!!! Ahahahah Zombie!!! Hehe… Come on now That’s a little rough Ouch! Hey, you bit me! Do I need to use my safe word? “Bieber…” I said, "Bieber!!!" Wait a second... Aaaaahhhhh!!! What's happening? The room just keeps on spinning My throat’s so dry it’s hard to talk How come these arms hang limp beside my body And neither foot knows how to walk? This hunger, it's insane I gotta eat some brains!!! Ahahahah Zombie!!! Ahahahah Zombie!!! Ahahahah Zombie!!! Ahahahah Zombie!!!


Ryan LucasAuthor

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
DrewRossBacking Vocals - Rhythm Guitar - Keyboards
Vic BonatoBass
Adeluc4Lamp Pull Chain Switch
kaijuroLead Guitar
Ryan LucasLead Vocals - Backing Vocals
Queen WesterosMan Scream
DrewRossCover Artist - Mastering - Mixing - Producer
Ryan LucasLyrics

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