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Zachary the Zombie

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Track Title: Zachary the Zombie
Description: It's that spooky time of year again.....Halloween and Zachary the Zombie's story needed telling. The is our sightly dissonant, creepy entry for the Halloween Challenge.
Mood: Spooky
Genre: Scary
Originally Published: Oct 28, 2022
Song Administration: Vuya
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneZachary the Zombie

Zachary the Zombie Lyrics by Raven Long ago in a small town called Willoughby Now haunted by a heartbroken girl Twas a dreadful sight to see Grieving became the norm As it very well should be This is the tale of Zachary the Zombie Once a loving man you were Heart as pure as gold I held it My love for you surpassed the stars The way you looked at me I felt it Now your rotting skin is cold as ice Eyes filled with misery Can't comprehend only despise What a gruesome sight to see I won't forget the life we had Forsaken by the plague that binds you Tormented by the memories, how sad {You'll never die} 'Cause you wear your heart on the outside Dear Zachary if you can hear me Please know that I won't leave you never I'll overlook the blood and bones of those You've killed and damned their souls Forever I won't forget the life we had Forsaken by the plague that binds you Tormented by the memories, how sad {You'll never die} 'Cause now your heart lies on the outside



Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
JAPOVBacking Vocals
VuyaSound effects

Licensed Work and Public Domain

This project is an adaptation of, or uses, the following licensed and/or public domain works.
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Creative Commons Attribution (BY) (v4.0 International)Zachary the ZombieRAVEN
Creative Commons Attribution (BY) (v4.0 International)DRY VOCALSRAVEN
Creative Commons Attribution (BY) (v4.0 International)Zachary the Zombie stingSixstringlatino (Nito)
Creative Commons Attribution (BY) (v4.0 International)achary the Zombie stringwmixSixstringlatino (Nito)

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