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Distant Places

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Track Title: Distant Places
Description: A new song. It's an industrial ballad. Distan Places is about my personal experience being an immigrant & only once a year going back where I came from (Home). It's sort of tied with the story of immigrants from Syria crossing the sea & literally giving up all they ever had to stay alive. I already have some sort of lyrics for it. At 1:20 the lyrics go with the melody. (Personal) "Gon
Mood: Cold, Confrontational, Difficult, Epic, Intense, Political, Tense, Warm
Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Industrial, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  • C Minor
  • 90 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Feb 20, 2016
Song Administration: G4greg
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

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TSTstudio (Tove)Producer

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