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Track Title: GTHO
Description: Ford Falcon 351 GTHO, the fastest 4 door sedan of it's time, follow it's journey to the mountain after years asleep in a paddock. These are the things of great V8s, speed and handling do not matter when you look, sound and feel like this.
Mood: VEE Eight
Genre: Rock
Originally Published: Dec 8, 2016
Song Administration: GoodVibes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


Verse 1 Gots myself a 3-5-1 A 3-0-2 won't get it done Bridge 1 35 years amongst the weeds My GTHO needs some bigger teeth Chorus 1 I'll be Fangin my baby Once I set her free I'll be Fangin my lady Like a hoon on heat Verse 2 My friend said she’s a Super-Roo Faster than a black Maloo Bridge 2 Paint her in fire to give her speed She’s the only love a good man needs Chorus 2 I'll be Fangin my baby Let the motor breathe I'll be Fangin it Let the tires scream Verse 3 Over 30 years since she could run Now the mountain awaits her song Back to third for Griffins bend mate Up to the cutting to say amen Verse 4 Through the parks she comes to life Now the Esses she must survive From the Dipper she should take care It’s the Elbow she’ll have to dare Verse 5 Over 30 years since she could run Conrod straight is where she belongs Through the chase she’s just holding on It's Murray’s corner at last



CopyrightSound Recording

Owner NameWebsite

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
GoodVibesVox,Gtr, Bass, Organ, Drums
HootenAnnieCover Artist
GoodVibesProduction, mixing, mastering

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