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Back to You

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Track Title: Back to You
Description: Back to You is an exercise in musical light and shade, first began as an idea from Raul & myself. Thank you my friend and brother, may your musical influence guide me for many more years yet.
Mood: Reflective
Genre: Inspirational
Originally Published: Jul 8, 2017
Song Administration: GoodVibes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneBack to You

VERSE 1 Floating in between all my thoughts I have for you My fear and inhibition of the past begins to brew But I must drive towards those hills that climb that distant path To see if my reflection hasn't hidden all the cracks CHORUS 1 I drive a lonely path that leads to you But the past begins to creep into the view Whatever come what may T can't refuse Cause I'm counting all my memories back to you VERSE2 Remember when we rode the hills towards the sandy bay I kissed you on the shoreline where the waves began to fray But now I pass the lighthouse and its beam has grown too old To carry all our memories back to all our loving thoughts BRIDGE SOLO VERSE 3 I see the rusted chevy where our childhood left the road Beside the silver gumtree standing boldly in the cold But some how I don't see us ever getting back to that It's better left behind us so our memories stay intact CHORUS 2 I never ever thought I'd be confused I left so long ago I never knew I'd buried all my memories of you Now i'm counting all my memories back to you VERSE 4 My wheels eat up the highway as I roll towards my past I see the old church standing where I left you long ago It's been miles and miles between us but my memories bring it back I stopped upon the highway I'm never going back


Raul Rodriguez JnrComposer

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
HootenAnnieBacking Vocals
Raul Rodriguez JnrDrums, Synth, Strings
GoodVibesVocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
HootenAnnieCover Photography
GoodVibesProduction, mix, master
Raul Rodriguez JnrArrangement

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